The amazingly designed Alma-nac slim house in London

alma-nac slim house
Billed as what has to be the narrowest house in London, the Alma-nac Slim House in Clapham is an architectural feat. Architects Alma-nac had to decide if continuing the terraced buildings on either side or totally redesigning the slim house.

Terracing was found to be prohibitively expensive, so they decided instead to stagger the floors to make use of skylights.

The skylights solve the problem of the lack of light from outward facing walls, while the light coloured interiors magnify and bounce the light around the rooms.

The Alma-nac Slim House is actually located in the stable access between two properties, with the extension to the rear and the gently sloping roof dotted with skylights.

The architects of Alma-nac Slim House have also managed to include an extra bedroom on the first floor as well as a study on the second floor. Amazing what can be done with such restrictions!

Slim house exterior

Spring breakfast nook

Slim kitchen

White walls bounce light around

Skylights to let in light

Naturally lit bathroom

Slate roof and light wood frames

Well lit interiors

Slim House by Almanac

Exploded view

Website: Dezeen and Inthralled via Alma-nac

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