Incredible vertical garden in your kitchen

Vertical Garden
With the changing of lifestyles in this modern age and with more people living in town apartments, the ability to grow your own produce is very limited, but there are a lot of solutions if you can think out of the box a little.

Now the kitchen is one place you may not have thought of having a garden full of vegetables and herbs, but the answer could be an indoors vertical garden if an outside option is not available.

So if your looking to add a vertical green wall in your kitchen, then why not try Minigarden’s contemporary modular system. A simple yet efficient way to grow herbs, flowers or veggies.

The Minigarden conserves water with its unique design which reduces evaporation keeping the compost moist. The drainage system also directs excess water to the base of the installation to prevent the plants in the bottom tier from being over-watered.

Vertical Garden in Your Kitchen

Vertical Garden in Your Kitchen 2

Vertical Garden in Your Kitchen
So there you, go a complete eco system for sustainable growth right in your kitchen!

Website: Urban Gardens

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